Aluminati 3

Aluminati competes at Second Tech Challenge

Aluminati competed in its first mock competition of the year, Second Tech Challenge (STC), last Friday, Aug. 16 at the Multipurpose Room (MPR). 

During this competition, six teams competed, using robots to stack the most boxes on top of one another. The incoming team members of Aluminati spearheaded the development and design of the robot with guidance from club leaders to prepare for the real season, which starts in September. Their process for building a robot includes whiteboard sketches, cardboard prototypes and Java programming.

“I think [STC] helps a lot. [When members] first enter the team, they don’t know anything. STC was really a time for them to play around with the tools and materials and see what they could do with them,” programming leader senior Selina Arjomand said. “My favorite part is getting to see the new members get excited over the robot and seeing them learn.”

By Nicole Chiang, Manager
Photo courtesy of Melanie Wu