American Red Cross hosts blood drive

The American Red Cross held a blood drive on campus which gave students the opportunity to donate to hospitals across the U.S. on Wednesday, Feb. 24.

“I think what they’re doing is really good. I’m glad they’re able to provide an opportunity for students to give blood and have the opportunity to save other people’s lives,” senior Sean Aquino said.

Each pint of blood donated goes to save three lives. People who receive the blood include cancer patients, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome patients, accident victims and other patients.

“I donated blood today because I wanted to save people’s lives. Yes, I only saved three people’s lives which to some only seems like a little bit,” Scarlette Lee said. “[But] think about it, the many people that came in today also [each] saved three people’s lives, and eventually the amount of people you save will add up.”

Donors received a T-shirt, a Certificate of Community Service worth two community service hours, and snacks to replenish their energy.

“It’s really inspiring that people are willing to donate their blood, because afterwards they might feel tired or they’re even scared of needles,” senior Jessica Liyanage said. “Seeing them able to sacrifice their fear to save other people is really inspiring.”

In addition, Walnut competed against Diamond Bar High School in the drive. The school that raised the most pints of blood receives a plaque.

“It was an interesting way to increase participation for the blood drive through competition. There was definite interest in competing against Diamond Bar,” senior Paul Chang said. “It was my first time donating blood and it was a very interesting experience.”

By Phillip Leung, Staff writer

Photo by Casey Lee