American Red Cross holds blood drive

Students participated in the annual American Red Cross (ARC) blood drive Thursday, Nov. 7 in the Multi-Purpose Room. 

A total of 72 pints of blood were collected from 111 donors. The event, hosted by ARC, offered students an opportunity to donate up to a pint of their blood for medical usage. Blood transfusions can be given to those who have serious injuries, surgeries, childbirth, anemia, blood disorders, cancer treatments and more. 

“It was important that [applicants] were physically healthy, so that they could [provide] donations without harming themselves,” sophomore ARC liaison Serena Huang said.  

The blood drive was organized by ARC club adviser Jerry Knox, who also donated blood. Students from Project Lead The Way and ARC advertised the event and were in charge of sign-ups for the event.  As an incentive to donate, students were entered into a raffle for two free Disneyland tickets.  

I was very glad that I took the opportunity to take part in the blood drive,” junior Justine Dao said.  “Reaching out and doing your part in events, such as the blood drive, gives greater hope to those in need of blood that everything will be all right.”

By Alex Santiago, Staff writer
Photo by Mia Nam