Anatomy students dissect eyeballs

Anatomy students participated in the annual dissection of sheep eyeballs Wednesday, Jan. 4 to introduce their new unit on the five senses.

Anatomy teacher Bree Person instructed her students to experiment on sheep eyeballs since it closely resembles the human eyeball. This experiment required more time to complete than other projects because of the fragile nature of the eyeball. As the unit progresses, the class will continue to study the structures of other sense organs, including the ear and the nasal cavity.

“It was a very interesting dissection because you don’t get to see the anatomy of an eyeball everyday,” junior Jessica Wong said. “I didn’t really expect to see how the inside of [the] eyeball was completely black with a bright blue swirl on the back. It looked liked a galaxy on the inside.”

By Tristan Gonzalez, Staff writer

Video by Austin Lam

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