Anatomy students visit medical school

Anatomy students and science teacher Chiara Morgan visited the Southern California University Medical School on Friday, Jan. 23. Students attended the trip to develop a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

At the university, students were separated into different stations where they each had the opportunity to examine fetuses and embryos, study an embalmed human body and learn about neurology through hands-on experimentation.

“At first, I thought looking at the dead bodies and touching the organs would be frightening because it was my first time seeing a dead body, but after a while, it was actually fun,” junior Paulina Lam said. “It was definitely a new experience [since] we were able to have a hands-on experience. It was different from the usual lectures in science class and allowed me to see our human body in a different perspective.”

By Sophia Ding, Staff writer

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