AP Art History and AP Studio Art visit the Getty

Advanced Placement (AP) Art History and AP Studio Art students attended a field trip to the J. Paul Getty Museum Wednesday, Jan. 7.

The students visited the Manet exhibit, a one-hour tour that explored artist Édouard Manet’s work. Students saw artwork from different styles that they had studied in class, such as Impressionism, Baroque, Gothic, and Romanticism.

“I’ve been to the Getty before, but it was a different experience this time,” senior Katie Lee said. “After learning about the history, the fact that I knew the different artists and what time period the art was from was really rewarding. I learned how to appreciate art more.”

Students also saw French sculptures and art from different artists, such as art that King Louis XIV commissioned. During this section of the tour, students learned that it took years to make a single French tapestry.

“It was great to see all the techniques the famous artists use,” senior Anika Chen said. “I liked seeing all the different art in the museum because it was my first time at the Getty.”

By Sajjan Sandhu, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Andrea Takahashi