AP Art History works with special education students

Advanced Placement (AP) Art History collaborated with Special Education students to make Thanksgiving-themed arts and crafts projects Wednesday, Nov. 20.  

Special Education students, also known as Buddies, crafted turkeys by tracing their hands on construction paper to sketch the turkey’s body and adding extra features, such as the head and feathers. Many wrote “Happy Thanksgiving” on the cards and gifted them to administration and faculty members. 

“[The faculty] felt really grateful because some of them are actually really close with the Buddies, so some Buddies wanted to give it to them,” senior Alexia Chavez said. “It’s important for everyone to feel like they belong in their school, especially since it’s high school.”

The purpose of the project was to give Buddies the opportunity to bond with others and make new friends through crafting. 

“[The Buddies] are more encouraged and more social, and it drives their desire [to] create new things,” senior Eli Duran said. “[They’re] getting even better at what they’re doing and learning off of that.”

By Emily Cao, Staff writer
Photo by Ian Lee