AP European History creates sweaters

Students of history teacher Emily Alder’s Advanced Placement European History classes participated in a project to design French Revolution-themed ugly sweaters from Monday Nov. 26 to Tuesday Dec. 4 in room P-11.

Students designed Christmas sweaters based on important parts of the French Revolution using various materials, including paint, lights and cardboard.

“I had fun making [my project] because [we had to] put all the information we learned together to design the sweater,” sophomore Natalie Olvera said. “Everyone seemed happier because it was a break from our usual book work.”

Students voted in class on which sweater had most creative design. The winner of each period received extra credit on their project.

“I was trying as hard as possible because I really needed extra credit,” sophomore Samuel Deng said. “It was a good outlet for me to get my grade up. I even made a [wooden] guillotine because I really wanted to win.”

By Jason Wu, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Emily Alder