Egg drop

AP Physics participates in egg drop

Advanced Placement Physics students participated in an egg drop experiment Wednesday, Oct. 2 at the Ken Gunn Stadium.

Students worked in pairs to construct a protective structure built to withstand an 8.4 meter drop. They could only use straws and strings to create the structure’s foundation.

“[My favorite part] was when I dropped the egg and it survived,” senior Ying-Mei Fu said. “I thought [our egg] wouldn’t survive, but it did. It’s exciting, and it’s unpredictable.”

Participants learned more about gravity, velocity and graphing throughout the project. They also experienced constructing an item from scratch, going through several trials and eventually testing the final product.

“[The design process] was definitely a challenge because it [was] very hard to perfect the design,” senior Yohan Sofian said. “It probably took us eight to nine hours to build it, [but] it came out really strong and sturdy in the end.”

By Emily Cao, Staff writer
Photo by Annika Le