AP Physics Trebuchet

AP Physics tests trebuchets

Advanced Placement (AP) Physics students tested trebuchets to learn about projectile motion Thursday, Sept. 12.

Students worked in groups of two or three to research and build trebuchets, catapults that propel objects using a counterweight system. They built the trebuchets out of wood and rope and used dumbbells as counterweights.

“When we first tested it out, it was exciting,” senior William Lin said. “I felt a sense of accomplishment from our first success.”

The main challenge of building the trebuchets was obtaining a proper release angle. Students had to experiment with different variables in order to maximize the distance traveled by the launched tennis balls.

“It’s just really interesting to be able to actually see physics in real life,” senior Katerina Su said. “When you’re learning about it in a book, you learn all these equations and it’s just there, but when you can actually experiment with it, you can see science in real life.”

By Jason Wu, Sports editor
Photo by Isaac Le