AP meeting

AP students attend informational meetings

Advanced Placement (AP) students attended the annual mandatory AP informational meetings during tutorial Tuesday, Oct. 8 for sophomores and juniors and Thursday, Oct. 10 for seniors in the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

AP students attended the meeting to learn about new policies regarding the registration process for AP exams. During the meeting, AP coordinator and Instructional Dean Nelson Chen explained how students are required to register early for their exams on AP classroom by November 15 because of new policies.

“I think it’s important for people to go to the AP meeting because I don’t think it’s the first thing on our minds to go on the website and check [the AP information] ourselves on top of everything we already have,” junior Kaylah Preechakul said. “Having a mandatory meeting like that is helpful for those who just don’t have time.”

This meeting helped clarify questions that students had about the AP registration process and reminded those taking the exams that they cost $94 each and will be collected throughout the week from Monday, Oct. 21 to Friday, Oct. 25.

“If you’re new to AP or haven’t been keeping yourself up to date, [the meeting] is informative,” senior Andrew Deng said. “I feel like the school is doing a good job of advertising AP testing information both through the website and through flyers posted around the school.”

By Margaret Lee, Staff writer
Photo by Mia Nam