Apple Arcade adds attractive games with a fee


Apple released its paid subscription for Arcade which offers numerous popular and advertised games for a low cost.

Apple released its paid subscription called Arcade which offers numerous popular games for a relatively low cost.

Apple Arcade is a subscription-based video game service that allows unlimited access to over 140 mobile games, released back in September 2019. Members can either pay $4.99 a month or an annual fee of $49.99, permitting up to six people using the subscription at a time. It is able to be used and transferred between iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TVs. However, the question is whether or not Apple Arcade is any better than the already free mobile games available in the App Store.

Downloading Apple Arcade on an iPhone or iPad only requires a finger and a button. It is found under the Arcade tab in the App Store, and with a similar format to the App Store, it is easy to navigate and explore the different games. This includes exclusive games unreleased in the App Store as well as a few familiar ones and their renditions. One of Apple Arcade’s most prominent features is the complete eradication of all ads and microtransactions, or the payment of virtual items using real-life currency. This, in addition to the clear and consistent quality of the games, surprisingly allows the player to become much more immersed in the game without having to worry about a play limit or lack of resources.

The only real downside about Apple Arcade is that it requires the recent Big Sur update, which I did not have installed on my Mac. It takes over two hours to fully install and it takes up quite a bit of storage. The other concern is that Apple Arcade only includes mobile games, meaning they all are touchscreen-based unless the device is connected to a bluetooth controller. This seems like an easy fix, but it is tedious for games that are not as popular as ones found through Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

Overall, Apple Arcade is great for people who enjoy mobile games and play them often. Personally, I do not take interest in all of the games, but the huge selection of categories and genres make up for it. Apple Arcade clearly differs from free apps on the App Store, and although there are a few minor issues, the investment is equal to what it provides.

By Remy Wong, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of 9to5Mac