Art students participate in film festival

Fundamental and Advanced Art classes held their second annual Claymation Film Festival showcasing original, student-made stop-motion short films using animated clay figures on Friday, March 31 in the Performing Arts Center.

Students had been working on the group project for a month, creating characters and sets out of clay and coming up with dialogue and plot. The claymations were created by taking frame-by-frame pictures of the clay figures to animate their movement and inserting voice-overs as dialogue. At the end of the festival, there was a vote for first, second and third place.The first place group received Kindle Fires, and second and third place winners received either cash prizes or gift cards.

“I think participating in something as unique as the Claymation Film Festival allows students to explore different kinds of art,” freshman Ryan Kim said. “It allows us to develop new interests as well as exercise different skills and artistic techniques. It was an interesting experience that was worth the time and effort that we dedicated to it for a month.”

By Samuel Compolongo, Social media manager and Melissa Kim, News editor
Photo by Samuel Compolongo