ASB and Cheer greet students

Associated Student Body (ASB) and Cheer greeted students Monday, Aug. 12 before their first day of school.

Starting from 7 a.m., students from both organizations gathered at the front office and student parking lot. Teachers and faculty also joined in, applauding students and welcoming them to the campus.

“[ASB was] very excited to help out, and Cheer was really happy to help out too,” ASB adviser Andy Schultz said. “For some of the teachers, it was a real chance for them to get their faces out there.”

English teacher Lisa Donee drew inspiration for the event from a similar greeting at Redlands East Valley High School. During the summer, she suggested the idea in a back-to-school meeting with Schultz and principal Ryan Maine.

“The first day of school can be overwhelming, and I think it would be really neat for everybody to come together” Donee said. “For me, I was just so excited to see some of my former students.”

This marks the first year in which ASB and Cheer have partnered together to welcome students on their first day of school.

“At the end of the day, what made ASB members happy was that [students] were smiling,” ASB commissioner of media junior Rawan Hassabelrasoul said. “What stood out to me was seeing people smile and laugh as they walked up the stairs when hearing our ridiculous, loud cheering.”

By Landon Park, News editor
Photo by Annika Le