ASB (associated student body) assists staff through Helping Hands

Associated Student Body (ASB) holds Helping Hands hours to communicate with and assist teachers and staff every Tuesday from 3-4 p.m. 

During Helping Hands, ASB members hold presentations and make themselves available for conversations regarding teaching software and mental health awareness. They also act as student representatives who voice the general concerns of the student body to teachers who visit. 

“I think the Helping Hands hours are pretty beneficial, and [they have] been pretty effective in the way that we are giving the teachers and staff information and an opportunity to talk to us and open a line of communication,” ASB member junior Chloe Young said. “It is really hard to form relationships between the teachers, staff and students [online], so being [present] during the Helping Hands hours is good.”

At the moment, only one teacher has visited on her own volition, asking about the platform Mentee. Mentee is a software with the purpose of making connections between teachers and students easy.  The ASB members gave a detailed explanation to the teacher about the software’s features, as well as some suggestions about how she could potentially integrate it into her curriculum. 

“Helping Hands is a time where teachers are able to test out any new lesson plans that they might want to use in the future with ASB and this creates a line of communication between students and teachers,” ASB member junior Ryan Yim said. “I really think it’s a good start.”

By Jacob Khuu, Staff writer