ASB deals with shortage of paint; new rule regarding poster placement

Associated Student Body (ASB) faces a limited paint supply and implemented a new rule regarding the placement of posters on school campus this year. The shortage of paint came after the paint supplier of 40 years decided to retire and close down the shop. Furthermore, all posters and flyers must be placed on designated wooden boards to be built around campus. Poster size will temporarily be reduced to 8 ½ x 11 inch flyers; large posters will be able to be made again once more bulletin board space has been erected.

“We can get some other paints, but they just aren’t going to be as nice. So we’re trying to last as long as we can with the paints that we have, because they make better signs,” ASB adviser Andy Schultz said. “The paint we use has always been better than other schools so we make better signs, so at least for right now, we’re being conservative [with the paints]. We’re still looking for someone who can make the same kinds of paints. We’re trying to be conservative and hold off as long as we can to be able to get maybe the same paints that we’ve always worked with.”

Along with the limitations on paint usage, there is a new rule designating specific areas where flyers and posters may be hung.

“[The district] is going to try to put a new wooden board between the J and G building and that is going to be the central spot where people put fliers and all the students can look through them and see what’s going on throughout the school and anything they need to catch up with,” ASB member sophomore Sarah Kim said. “So students can just refer to those main boards, kind of like how they do it in college. People can refer to those main boards to see if they need to know anything about upcoming events.”

As of now, paints and posters will still be available for clubs and organizations to use. However, they are only allowed to be used to inform students of major events.

“We’re only allowed to put posters on the bulletin board. That kind of sucks because I think posters make our school look more spirited and it makes us look like we’re more involved,” ASB member sophomore Chloe Hsu said. “We have a lot of trust in Mr. Schultz that he’ll find us the new paint, though. I think it’s going to be fine.”

By Chantel Chan and Brandon Ng, News editors

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