ASB holds secret spirit day drawings

Associated Student Body (ASB) is holding secret spirit day drawings every Friday over Instagram.

ASB President senior Samantha Kozlo leads the activity in conjunction with Principal Ryan Maine, who implemented this program to enhance student participation and morale.

“[The purpose is] to encourage kids to have fun, even though we’re at home,” Kozlo said. “[We want to] give [students] something to be excited about.”

In order to enter the drawing, students submit an answer to the weekly ASB Instagram poll, guessing the secret spirit day theme. Correct responses are inputted into a Picker Wheel to select the winner randomly. The prize is a free meal from the restaurant of their choice, which is delivered to their address by Kozlo and ASB adviser Andy Schultz.

“It’s nice to see kids happy,” Kozlo said. “It’s nice to see people that aren’t on a screen.” 

The most recent winner is freshman Siobhan Pineda, who won after guessing the theme of “Favorite Cartoon Character” Friday, Oct. 9. She chose as her prize a meal from Wingstop, which included chicken wings and a drink.

“You don’t expect to win, but when you win it hits you and you feel happy from it,” Pineda said. “Every Friday you look forward to seeing the teachers and being involved in school. It’s like a two in one.” 

By Cathy Li, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Andy Schultz