ASB hosts Stress Relief Week in preparation for finals

Associated Student Body (ASB) is preparing to host both Stress Relief Week and Kindness Week from Monday, Dec. 11 to Friday, Dec. 15.

This week marks ASB’s third annual Stress Relief Week and its second time executing Kindness Week this year. With finals week approaching, ASB hopes to help students destress by implementing daily lunchtime activities aimed toward relieving tension, including DIY projects and games.

“We really want to see students enjoying themselves during lunch and taking a break from studying. There’s a lot of pressure on us to perform well during finals and hopefully the activities we put on will be an escape from all that pressure,” ASB secretary Kaitlin Day said.

ASB began planning for the activities last month, in which they first collected ideas from each member. Afterwards, they collectively narrowed down the list to five total themes.

“I think what makes this year’s Stress Relief Week different from those in the past is that we thought of more fun, new ideas that would engage more students to participate in the activities,” ASB member senior Angelo DeGuzman said.

On Monday, students will participate in DIY slime, in which students will be provided with supplies to create and keep their own slime. On Tuesday, ASB members will bring supplies for students to make stress balls.

“Ways that ASB will promote energy is by being enthusiastic when explaining the directions to the activities and even participating in the activity to help guide the other students,” DeGuzman said. “What I’m most excited about this week is the DIY stress balls because I feel it will be the most fun creating [them].”

For the following two days, faculty members will be invited to lead the activities. ASB and Athletics Secretary Ave Tauvao will be leading Zumba on Wednesday, while history teacher Justin Panlilio will be hosting a yoga session on Thursday.

“Yoga has more [of a] zen type of atmosphere [and] is supposed to relax students’ minds from their everyday work,” ASB member senior Sebastian Verduzco said. “Students have the opportunity to have a fun and interactive way to relieve stress with their friends. Zumba is meant to be an exciting experience for students to try [because they] get the chance to be silly with the rest of the student body.”

In conclusion to the week, ASB has prepared splat balls for students to toss on Friday.

“I personally like splat ball [the most] because it’s a good way to get out negative energy. It’s like you’re throwing all that [negativity] away as you throw the ball,” ASB member senior Cara Chang said.

In correlation with Stress Relief Week, ASB members are aiming toward being more interactive with students during Kindness Week by performing tasks such as handing out sunflowers.

“[With] Stress Relief and Kindness week, it’s an easy way to offer something fun and interactive to keep students from having their noses in books all the time,” Chang said. “By creating these activities, we hope to give students a way to relax their minds from being so focused on academics and show that school can be a fun environment as well as a studious one.”

By Jessica Huang, Production lead
Photo by Sherlene Su

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