ASB hosts Winter Sports Faceoff

Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted the Winter Sports Faceoff from Tuesday, Jan. 29 to Thursday, Jan. 31 during lunch at the stage.

On Tuesday, winter sports teams participated in a three-legged race, in which teams of two from each sport navigated through a maze while one person’s right leg was tied to the other person’s left leg. Boys soccer placed first with five seconds, wrestling and boys basketball tied for second with six seconds and girls soccer placed third with eight seconds.   

“[My partner and I] felt nervous because ASB forced us to go first,” varsity girls basketball sophomore Joanne Chang said. “She refused to go with me at first, but we wanted to win for our coaches, so we volunteered for our team.”

On Wednesday, individuals from each winter sport competed against each other to pick up a hat while blindfolded. Varsity girls basketball obtained the hat and won the event. Varsity girls soccer junior Sarah Aie won the spelling bee with the word  “hemorrhage” on Thursday.

“I felt nervous but very supported because I had my team right by the sidelines to cheer me on,” varsity girls water polo junior Melanie Uyuni said. “It was a bit hard because you had to mainly use your sense of touch to feel the hat.”

By Jacob Khuu, Sports editor
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez