ASB hosts Winter Sports Pep Rally

Associated Student Body (ASB) will be hosting the second pep rally of the school year, the Winter Sports Pep Rally, on Friday, Jan. 16.

With the theme set as “Hogwarts,” ASB members aim to immerse the student body into the world of Harry Potter by playing games and participating in activities such as Quidditch and the Sorting Hat.

“I think we planned this pep rally a lot earlier and we were able to actually come up with pretty good ideas as far as class [themes] and giving each class enough time to prepare [for the pep rally]. We tried to think of something that has four different opposing teams, competition, characters, themes and games, so we could plan according to the pep rally. I feel like we’re all ready and we know exactly what we want to do,” senior Pauline Mendoza said. “We wanted to do the Quidditch game and come up with a way to play in real life and get it approved so it’s safe for anyone and a better environment for those in the pep rally.”

By Vivian Lee, Staff writer

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