ASB implements new pep rally point system

ASB will start awarding points for its regular activities during spirit week, which will determine the winning class of the pep rally on Friday, Jan. 15.

In previous pep rallies, the winner of the spirit stick was determined only by the Mustang spell-out decibel number. With the new point system, each class can now earn additional points from a poster competition, lunchtime activities and dress-up competitions. The points will be added together to select a winning class.

“I think [the new point system] creates more of an equal opportunity because it gives each student the ability to be involved. It’s basically up to [students of] each class to show their spirit and how badly they want to win. With the new point system [ASB] is also trying to incorporate those who may not have the loudest voices, because spirit isn’t necessarily determined by volume,” ASB speaker junior Brianna Roach said.

ASB will judge the poster that each class has created and submitted for the upcoming pep rally. First place will be given five points, second place will be given four points, third place will be given three points and fourth place will be given two points.

“I feel really confident about the poster because we worked hard on it, especially the people who drew it. They worked on it for three hours over the span of three days, then spent six hours painting it. [For example], for our class, we wanted to incorporate the popular things that happened in the 50’s,” class of 2019 vice president freshman Nadia Amezcua said.

A lunchtime activity and dress-up contest will be held everyday the week leading up to Friday’s pep rally. The winner of the lunchtime activity will be awarded four points, and the class with the most participants dressed in theme-related apparel will earn five points.

“The officers have already contacted participants from our grade who are willing to go up on stage and show their spirit. We are really looking to make a mark when going up against the other classes, and this is a great way to show our true spirit at school,” class of 2018 president sophomore Adam Ng said.

ASB will consider making these additions permanent if the new activities encourage students to be more involved during spirit weeks.

“We want to try and connect as many kids as possible to this school. The more variety of ways you can go about getting kids involved, the more connected they feel and the more success they’ll have here,” ASB advisor Andy Schultz said.

By Julie Lee, Staff writer

Photo by Sajid Iqbal