ASB plans for Homecoming assembly

The Homecoming assembly is scheduled to be on Thursday, Sept. 24 in the gym. On stage, the nominated court will introduce themselves to the student body. Both the dance and the assembly will feature a New York city theme.

“My song is classical, so we got some twirls and dips going on, but we don’t really follow the theme,” senior nominee Caitlyn Montoya said. “I’m hoping it’ll be cute enough to bring in voters.”

ASB has been working on the logistics of the assembly for the past few days in class, looking over the couples’ presentations and giving speakers pre-written scripts to proofread; homecoming singers were also selected a week prior.

“Each nominee is different each year and brings a different personality to the table so I think with the group this year, it will be a fun assembly,” ASB senior treasurer Leah Rickard said. “The assembly hopefully should be enjoyable for everyone!”

By Natalie Jiang, Staff writer

Photo by Jeffrey Tran