ASB prepares for homecoming

The ASB dance committee plans to incorporate new activities and food options for the student body at this year’s ‘New York City’ themed homecoming dance on Saturday, Sept. 26.

The dance will have features such as a taco bar, pool table and photo booth to provide food and entertainment.

“We are trying our best to appeal to the students’ desires so hopefully these new changes will be able to hype everyone up and get them excited and wanting to attend more dances,” ASB Treasurer senior Leah Rickard said.

ASB began its preparations during the summer until the dance committee arrived at the current theme. The team has worked since July, building some of its own props from scratch and turning wooden planks into subway signs.

“I think this year’s homecoming has a lot more potential; we have stuff that we’ve never had before,” ASB dance committee member senior Rami Abdou said. “It looks like so far everyone has been liking the theme, so it seems like it will be a fun and exciting night.”

By Julie Lee, Staff writer

Photo by Sajid Iqbal

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