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Band and cheer show spirit at football games

Return to familiarity | Cheer team seniors gather on the football field before they get ready to cheer for a game. “I felt extremely excited and grateful that we were able to have some type of season again,” varsity cheer member senior Julianne Alvarez said. “It was really nice to have some kind of normal in these crazy times.”

After being unable to perform their songs and cheers over the past school year because of COVID-19, band and cheer have been attending football games in person over the past month.

Cheer has been performing at football games since Friday, March 26, with all members attending home games and only varsity members attending away games. Band has performed at Senior Night and Branding Iron Friday, April 2 and Friday, April 16, respectively.

“Working with my bandmates again was awkward at first, but the more we played and conversed with one another the more I felt at ease,” hornist sophomore Mylyn Tayag said. “The atmosphere felt completely different, and it left me in awe. I also felt a huge spark of excitement knowing that I was going to be participating in these events.”

During games, band members played pep tunes such as “Mustang Mania” and “Feel It Still,” with certain songs such as “First Down Dance” being played depending on the events that would happen in the game. The members in attendance typically consist of a small group of people from various grades as safety restrictions cannot yet accommodate the entire band. 

“Although it was pretty exhausting to play pep tunes continuously throughout each game since I hadn’t really practiced or prepared for these events, getting the opportunity to play alongside my friends one last time before graduating brought some nostalgia and entertainment back into my dull everyday lifestyle,” trumpetist senior Gabriel Pasaporte said.

The cheer team has been rehearsing its usual routines to raise spirits at football games since the summer, but was only able to display its efforts recently. Over Zoom, members usually practiced flexibility and jumps that would go along with their band dances and football cheers, although they have not been able to do their typical stunts because of safety constraints. 

“My feelings towards [being able to perform at games] are very hard to express. I get so excited to be out on the field and supporting the team, but it’s hard because we still have a lot holding us back because of COVID-19,” varsity cheer member senior Marilu Melendez said. “In cheer, we stunt and that’s my favorite part, but with COVID-19, we can’t have contact with one another like that. It’s different from before, but I’m grateful to be able to still cheer and have my last few moments of cheer for my senior year.”

By Natalie Cheng, Arts editor
Photo courtesy of Marilu Melendez