Banners around WHS

New banners and window graphics have been put up around campus as part of a campaign to promote Walnut High School.

The administration also plans to hand out lanyards and bracelets to students as part of an effort to raise school spirit. Several banners advertising the International Baccalauerate programs were placed over the lunch lines as well as in front of the library. Pole banners were also placed in both parking lots.

“When we came back and started the school year, WHS was named as a top 100 high school in America, and what we determined was that we needed to do more things to celebrate our success,” principal Jeff Jordan said. “We wanted to do something for the campus because we always have visitors. We thought, when people come, we just want them to be impressed of the pride that all of us have in our school. We are really proud of the fact [that we] are an IB world school, a top 100 high school, a national blue ribbon school, and a California distinguished school.”

By Brandon Ng, News editor

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