Best Buddies organizes Charity Talent Show

Best Buddies hosted its first ever Charity Talent Showcase Friday, Jan. 29 in the MPR to fundraise for students with intellectual developmental disorders or special needs.

“We [talked] a little bit about our cause, why we [hosted the show] and how it will help the club and ultimately the kids with disabilities, such as giving them a lifelong friendship to look up to,” Best Buddies president senior Kevin Chang said.

The show featured songs, skits, dances and other routines from performing arts groups such as Men’s Ensemble, Rhapsody in Blue, Advanced Drama and Walnut High All Male (WHAM).

“The performances essentially helped promote the cause because all of the proceeds from the talent show went to Best Buddies,” senior Samantha Alvarez said. “[The show] is a fun, creative way for the buddies to have a good time because they enjoy participating and watching the talent show.”

The event also included a guest singing performance from Walnut High School alumna class of 2010 Catherine Lugito, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome — a genetic disorder with one extra chromosome.

“It’s good that [people with disabilities] show their talent and get to express themselves. They don’t have the same life that we [have], and we just want to make the best for them,” sophomore Justine Law said.

By Amy Lo, Staff writer
Photos by Amanda Taing

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