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Boys’ tennis defeats Charter Oak

Varsity boys’ tennis won its first league game after defeating Charter Oak, 15-3, Tuesday, March 14.

Doubles players junior Matthew Mai and senior Todd Nanayon led the Mustangs by winning all three sets, 6-0.  

“We had a positive attitude coming into the game even before the match started,” Mai said. “During my warmup, I felt that I could perform well because I was hitting all my groundstrokes and my serves were going in the majority of the time.”

Singles players seniors Ryan Wong and Dylan Truong and freshman Lucas Van Zee played two rounds before getting subbed out by Head Coach Lee Shiomoto. Wong and Truong closed both their rounds, 6-0, and Van Zee closed his matches at 6-1 and 6-3.

Doubles players senior Richard Ong and sophomore Brandon Wong won both their sets 6-0 and 6-3, respectively, ending the second round 11-1.

“[During] the first set I did wel,l [but during] the second set, I broke down a bit and lost my serves for that set,” Ong said. “[To recover] I told myself that the way I was playing was stupid, and I needed to play at a higher level or else I [wasn’t] going to maintain my standings.”

As the Mustangs came into the third round, Head Coach Lee Shiomoto subbed in other players to replace the starters. Singles players senior Matthew Yu and junior Randolph Kuo ended the last round, 6-2 and 7-6, respectively. However, singles player junior Nicky Chan lost his match, 5-7.

“All I wanted to do was to get my forehands in, instead of hitting it as hard as possible because I recently changed to a different form,” Kuo said. “At first I was down 0-2 and was upset with myself, but slowly, I pulled myself together and managed to get through the game.”

Doubles players sophomores Samuel Liu and Eric Liang brought in two more wins 6-2 and 6-2, ending the game with an overall score 15-3.

“I feel like our team can improve in being more aggressive at the net, having the confidence to have that level of intensity and to play smart in doubles. But [overall], our team played well today for our first game of the season,” Mai said.

Boys’ tennis will play their next game against Chino Tuesday, March 21.

By Albert Law, Print Editor-in-chief
Photo by Jamie Chen