BSU hosts Black History Month luncheon

Black Student Union (BSU) hosted its annual Black History Month luncheon Friday, Feb. 17 in the Multi-purpose Room.

Principal Brandon Dade was invited to speak and discuss famous African American inventors as well as the history behind their culture.

“It’s really cool having Mr. Dade [as the guest speaker] because he’s our principal, and it’s nice to have him talk about the things we’re learning about in the club,” senior Sophia Vargas said. “It’s different because before, we didn’t really get many guest speakers, and we just watched different videos and read about different people who contributed a lot to Black history.”

The event was open to all students and included traditional dishes such as macaroni and cheese and collard greens. During the luncheon, students also played a trivia game and listened to the poem,“A Stereotype of Me,” recited by cabinet member senior Bunmi Orunesajo.

“I thought this was a great turnout. This was a huge success and I think this was bigger than last year,” cabinet member senior Nikka Sibal said. “It was really fun and it was great that people got to enjoy it. I enjoyed having fun with my friends, serving the food, and listening to the poem and the presentation. My biggest takeaway is that we should all be proud of our diversity and be proud of who we are.”

By Sabrina Wan, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Austin Lam