BSU Speech Contest

Black Student Union (BSU) will be hosting a speech contest in honor of Black History Month on March 27 in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR). Any student may enter the contest but their speech must be about a black figure who has stemmed from the fields of either science or technology.

The contestants will be judged by cabinet members and the top five to 10 participants will be invited to a luncheon on a separate day when the winner will be decided. First place will receive a cash prize of $100 while runners-up will receive additional prizes such as gift cards.

“For me, I think it’s good that our school has speech contests to support all the different ethnic clubs,” BSU cabinet member senior Sydney Montgomery said. “I think it’s good that everybody can jump in on [these events] and not just specifically for that particular race, event or club. I think it’s cool that the whole school gets to showcase what they believe.”

Speeches will be judged based on their sincerity, length and information. The requirements are that the speech must be at least one half to a whole page, about a black figure who has studied in either science or technology and genuine and creative.

“I want to see how the African American scientists have influenced people,” BSU cabinet member sophomore Sarah Kamanta said. “Like, why they chose to do a report on [those scientists] specifically? Especially the reasons why they chose them, not just because [the scientists are] smart. It’s basically how they influenced them in their life and how this person wants to make them a better person.”

Unlike last year where anyone could attend the finals, BSU cabinet members this year are focusing on the speakers’ comfort by cutting down the amount people invited to the luncheon and paying attention to the quality of their writing.

“Besides different leadership,” Montgomery said. “I think this year we’re attacking the club differently based on the results from last year because I know last year was a really big event. So this year, we’re going to try to change it up a little bit and make a certain topic.”

By Irene Ornelas, Staff writer

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