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Building up their business

As part of their daily routine, seniors Jaxson McIsaac and Jon Park are entrepreneurs who spend hours developing their new business. They opened their online business, Zen Therapeutic Shop, which specializes in selling health and personal care products.

McIsaac and Park started flipping clothes, or selling clothes for a profit, in 2016 to help them gain business experience through a process they enjoyed. Their dilemma was envisioning something larger other than flipping clothes: a business they could learn more from. This eventually led them to open Zen Therapeutic Shop in mid-2018.

“I always wanted to start a business, so Jon and I found out that yoga was a really good product to sell so we started with that. We continued on to selling more products,” McIsaac said.

McIsaac and Park started this business without any external help and learned from their mistakes. This led them to learn many business skills, such as choosing the best way of advertising, maintaining the integrity of the business, building a website from scratch and analyzing their customers to see which demographic to target.

“My greatest challenge was probably learning how to build the website. Everything was self-taught. This led us to face many obstacles that we had to overcome. Through this process, we learned many new skills which could help me achieve my lifelong goal of being a successful entrepreneur. One important skill we’ve learned is patience. Everything we wanted didn’t come right away or it didn’t go our way,” Park said.

McIsaac and Park sell health and personal care products such as yoga balls, yoga mats and blackhead-removing face serum to promote fitness and wellness to people. They want consumers and sellers to benefit off of the purchase with their online shop.

“I like selling yoga products because they give me happiness since I am helping people improve their quality of life. Also, selling items on the online market also taught me cooperation with a partner and how communication is extremely important,” McIsaac said.

McIsaac and Park are able to balance the amount of time they put into their academics, extracurricular activities and business by prioritizing what requires more attention. Every Wednesday, they have meetings about Zen Therapeutic Shop over Skype to discuss how to improve the profit margins and popularity of their company.

“It’s taken a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of work and I’m glad that it’s successful,” McIsaac said. “It’s given me a sense of pride that this online shop has taken off, and it’s been a great experience overall.”  

By Philbert Loekman, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Zen Therapeutic Shop