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Cajun seafood at Kickin’ Crab

The Kickin’ Crab in Rowland Heights is a casual seafood eatery that serves Cajun style seafood.

When entering the restaurant, there is a gigantic shark floating in the sky and the smell of cajun fills the air. The walls are adorned with sea creatures such as starfishes, crabs, turtles, etc. and several life rings.

The menu offered a wide variety of items, with many types of seafood, drinks, soups and appetizers. I ordered king crab legs, fried calamari, gumbo soup, clam chowder soup, garlic noodles, shrimp, crawfish, mussels, potato and corn.

The food is presented in an interesting way: your table is the plate and your hands are the utensils. The best tasting food item was the fried calamari. It had a satisfying crunch and was savory. It was also paired perfectly with a mild hot sauce.

The KC Gumbo and Clam Chowder soup were unpleasant and watery. The Gumbo soup had large chunks of sausages which was being distracting from the other elements of the soup. The Clam Chowder was accompanied with hard and tasteless oyster crackers and overpowering taste of artificial seafood flavoring.

The garlic noodles were by far the worst dish. It was heavily over cooked which caused it to be mushy and stick together easily. The garlic flavor was not evenly distributed throughout the dish causing parts of the dish to be bland.

The seafood, corn, and potato came all in a plastic bag mixed which caused the contents to be drenched in a cajun marinade. Everything tasted like cajun except the King Crab Legs since they were protected with its hard shell. Eating the seafood continuously caused me to be bored due to the lack of diverse flavors. The potatoes were cooked inconsistently since it was unable to become a mashed potato feeling while it also being crumbly in the mouth. The corn failed to make a lasting impression since it was still soaked in a cajun sauce.

Overall, The Kickin’ Crab had some stand out dishes but many fell flat, either from disappointing presentation or uneven taste. It also lacked a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, which made the eating experience less than enjoyable. I would not recommend this restaurant due to its consistent disappointing dishes and its lack of a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

By Philbert Loekman, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of  Philbert Loekman 

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