Chromebook distribution begins for all grade levels

Chromebook distributions, after WHS has become a 1-1 ratio computer to student school, are occurring after school and during physical education classes for all students. 

Chromebooks have already been distributed to juniors and freshmen will not receive them this year. Sophomores and seniors will be receiving their chromebooks Aug. 30 to Sept. 3 and Sept. 7 to Sept. 10 during their respective social science class.  

“The extra money that came down from the federal and state governments, it allowed this to happen,” Wendland said “This extra money definitely helped out, and I think now that we’re here, I don’t think we’ll turn back.”

Students must fill out a form and read through rules about caring for their devices in order to pick up a chromebook. The forms are found both online and in the library for pick up.  

“COVID-19 changed the way things are done; a lot of teachers shifted to more online,” Wendland said. “We just want to keep that momentum that teachers were trying new things.”

Students may receive one of three chromebooks brands: Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lenovo or Acer. Administration is anticipating that students will be able to keep their chromebooks throughout all years in high school and over the summer.

“The chromebook has been really helpful for my classes. I was able to effectively take notes, communicate with my teachers, and finish online assignments in school,” junior Amshu Bellar said. “I really enjoy the features of the chromebook, like stylists, touch screen, and foldable hinges, and it takes off stress.”

By Remy Wong, sports editor