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Class held to raise awareness for autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder Educational Specialist Elizabeth Chang will host Autism Awareness, a speaking session for special education students to share their experiences with autism, as part of an awareness campaign Friday, April 21 in room H-5.

The session aims to educate teachers and peers about behavioral therapy that many students with autism go through, as well as different ways to effectively communicate with them when they show certain behavioral tendencies. This is the second out of three planned events to encourage understanding and promote Autism Awareness Month in April.

“We know that a lot of people are aware of autism already, but I wondered what we could do to help people understand in a more in-depth way. There aren’t any physical features that show a person has autism. [When] they’re having an awkward moment, it helps if someone is more aware that the person may have a disability. That way, they can be more patient,” Chang said. “Awareness builds tolerance and tolerance builds acceptance. That’s always our main goal.”

By Sarah Aie, Staff writer
Photo by Justin Jiang