Class of 2018 Elections

Freshmen president Adam Ng, vice president Matthew Mai, secretary Cara Chang and treasurer Hannah Manuit were elected into office after the election for class of 2018 cabinet officers took place on Oct. 1 at the gym. Prior to the election, all the candidates spent a week campaigning; on election day, they gave brief speeches to the freshman class.

Officers hope to plan out their first fundraisers and assemble a cabinet.

“ I feel like we’re gonna be a great team because you know we’re all friends and I have choir with Hannah, I have met Adam since elementary school and Matthew Mai- we’re really close friends. I feel like it’s gonna be a good year,” Chang said. “ I could say we’re going to have a lot of fundraising and a lot of school spirit. I can’t give out too much because we got elected like two days ago, but we’re forming some ideas.”

By Chantel Chan and Brandon Ng, News editors

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