Class of 2018 hosts Senior Sunrise

Class of 2018 hosted Senior Sunrise Tuesday, Aug. 29 on the football field.

This is the first Senior Sunrise to take place at Walnut High School. The senior class cabinet is hoping to plan more events, including Senior Sunset, for seniors to make their last year of high school memorable.

“Senior Sunrise is meant to bond the class. It’s a chance for seniors to share an experience and reflect on their goals or even form goals for the upcoming year. More than anything, it’s meant to bring them together and build unity among the class. I think this would be a really good tradition for future senior classes to continue because it’s really meaningful,” Class of 2018 adviser Mr. Paul McLaughlin said. “Hopefully, this event will get bigger and better as time goes on.”

Seniors gathered on the field to enjoy donuts, juice, music and the sunrise. Students also received the opportunity to write letters to their graduating selves that will be passed back for them to read during Senior Sunset at the end of the school year.

Class of 2018 has remarkable character. We’ve always been the most spirited and enthusiastic about school-facilitated events, and this isn’t any different. Senior Sunrise is just an idea derived from all this enthusiasm,” Class of 2018 president Jackie Chan said. “This event [allowed] us to have that mindset early on so we can approach the rest of the year without experiencing regret. Everything we wanted to do has been done, and we can leave high school with a fulfilled heart.”

By Irene Zhou, News editor

Photo by Airi Gonzalez

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