Class of 2020 GLCs organize webinar

Class of 2020 Grade Level Coordinators (GLCs) DuJuan Johnson and Jenny Alegre will host the third webinar of the year Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 6:30 p.m. to ensure that current freshmen are prepared for their second semester.

Students can sign up for the webinar through a link provided on the GLC blog on any computer, tablet or smartphone. During the webinar, the GLCs will provide a slideshow to guide students through choosing academic pathways and help them fulfill graduation requirements.

“I feel like webinars are better than seminars because [students] can avoid having to travel and match with schedules when they could just watch the webinar wherever they [are],” freshman Kaylie Wun said.

The slideshow will be posted on the GLC blog on the school website for those who are unable to watch the webinar.

“I think [the webinar] can provide wonderful insight and guidance on deciding what you want to do [in high school],” freshman Muneet Lehal said. “No matter what your mindset is, you should always consider reasonably thinking about the future and doing something you’re passionate about.”

By Sherman Wu, Staff writer
Photo by Emily Ng