Class of 2023 penpal event with DBHS

Walnut High School and Diamond Bar High School are collaborating to set up penpals for class of 2023.

Class cabinet released a Google Form on March 8 for students that are interested in meeting new people. The application is a Google Form that asks for contact information, interests, what the person is like and what they feel like they need. The Google Forms will close on March 16 and class officers from both schools will take the time to pair each student with someone based on their preferences. Once the students are matched, the students will contact and get to know each other.

“The penpals with Diamond Bar is a way for the class of 2023 from both schools to meet someone new and make a new friend during quarantine. We came up with this idea because it’s a fun way to make quarantine feel less lonely and it connects the two student bodies, despite being rival schools,” class secretary sophomore Zachary Labugen said. “By doing this, we hope the students who sign up will make new friends, and we also hope to make their quarantine feel less lonely.”

Based on a recent survey from the Associated Student Body (ASB), many students are under pressure because of grades, family life and other factors. After reviewing the survey, school psychologist, Tara Lizarraga, brought up the issue about how the class of 2023 is under a lot of stress. In response to the issue, the class of 2023 officers came up with an idea to bring some normalcy back into the student’s lives. 

“The idea came when our officers were talking about ways we could help our class socialize during a time they can’t physically be in contact with each other. We hope that they can meet someone that they genuinely take an interest in and that that feeling is reciprocated,” class president sophomore Alex Santiago said. “It’s really up to them for the extent they take their relationship to, and whether that means they only talk for the remainder of virtual learning or they eventually meet up in person we’d really just like to see a connection made with a person that they can talk to and share their feelings for at least while we continue with the pandemic.”

By Mia Nam, Photo manager
Photo courtesy of Alex Santiago