Closed gates during future football games

Students will no longer be able to enter campus during future home football games because all school gates will be locked beforehand.

Because of past issues concerning campus safety after school hours, the office administration has decided to close the campus at 6:30 p.m. before the games start.

“Students just have to make sure to visit their lockers before the game,” Principal Dade said. “The purpose of that time is to support the football team and have the students there to cheer them on.”

The custodians will be able to clean the classrooms and campus without having to deal with safety issues they have had in the past. If students have emergencies and must access their lockers during a football game, a faculty staff member will escort them on-campus.

“We want to limit the amount of activity going on in the school because supervision needs to be focused on the field,” athletic director Jerry Person said. “Supervising an entire campus during such a big event is a tough job.”

By Jo Ann Sun, Staff writer

Photo by Jeffrey Tran