Clubs participate in Walnut Family Festival

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Operation Smile collected donations for cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries at Walnut Family Festival on Saturday, Oct. 7. Club members also passed out brochures and handouts to passersby and briefed them on the purpose of the club.

“At Family Festival, there are a lot of interesting people, and you get to meet a lot of people, and it’s really interesting to talk to them,” cabinet member sophomore Katarina Su said. “It’s really not a big amount of money, and it’s really easy to help [people with cleft lip and cleft palate]. One thing [Operation Smile] does is that we actually save others’ lives. Because it’s not a large amount of money that’s needed for surgeries, we’re able to change a lot of people’s lives in this organization.”


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) officers hosted a face painting booth to fundraise for the upcoming school year and worked with the city service group at Walnut Family Festival as part of the annual Community Service Project to help disabled and senior citizens learn more about the opportunities they have for transportation in Walnut on Saturday, October 7.

“We hope to achieve some extra revenue on the side to help subsidize for member fees, conference fees, hotel bookings and stuff like that so members don’t have to pay as much,” Competitive Events Chair junior Vivien Zhang said. “We felt that we did achieve our goal of breaking even, and we did raise a substantial amount of money. We hope that this will go to helping our members.”



Members of the Leadership Excellence Opportunity (LEO) Club participated in Walnut Family Festival by selling pancakes, hot dogs, corn on the the cobs and other food items to raise funds for upcoming projects, such as writing letters to veterans, that the club will participate in throughout the year.

“It was really fun advertising [with my friends and the other members] because it was a great team bonding experience,” LEO Club treasurer junior Jasmine Wong said. “It was nice being able to work with other people and try different things with them.”


United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) hosted a ball toss game booth, where participants won prizes such as stuffed animals and school supplies, in the annual Walnut Family Festival on Saturday, Oct. 7. Members also sold “sunset drinks”, which consisted of strawberry lemonade and mango juice. The organization was able to raise over $221 to support children that live in developing countries, are impacted by war or lack the basic necessities of survival.

“While one of the goals of UNICEF is to provide humanitarian aid, we also raise money in order to help refugees and people unfortunately uprooted by natural disasters,” UNICEF cabinet member sophomore Jessica Jiao said. “The Walnut Family Festival was a great opportunity to help those that suffered from recent hurricanes, such as Hurricane Harvey.”

By Alison Ho, Flora Lei, Sarah Lew, Joy Wang, Staff writers
Photos by Christopher Chan, Erin Tan

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