Clubs perform at multicultural assembly

Six cultural clubs performed at the Multicultural Assembly Friday, March 1 in the gym.

Anime Club, Chinese Culture Club, Halo-Halo, Korean Club, Martial Arts Club and Swing Club presented in this year’s show; the event allows cultural clubs on campus to showcase their culture through dances and performances to the school. The clubs prepared and practiced for their sets a few months prior to the assembly. Members of some clubs, such as Anime Club and Swing Club, took time on weekends to learn the dance routines.

“I just felt really happy that it all came together in the end and that we all had a lot of fun doing it,” Anime Club member junior Joshua Stevens said. “You’re performing in front of the whole school, so obviously, you want it to be the best you can be. I was proud of our group and how our performance turned out in the end.”

Chinese Culture Club started off with an erhu performance then proceeded to a traditional Chinese ribbon dance for their set. Swing Club choreographed a set to “The Bare Necessities” by Bill Murray and Kermit Ruffins while Martial Arts club created a set that combined many forms of martial arts such as Wu-Shu, Taekwondo and martial arts tricking.

“It felt great to do something that was enjoyable. It was cool that we were able to do fight scenes,” Martial Arts Club member junior Jeffy Chang said. “I was nervous before [the] first assembly because I was hoping that I [wouldn’t] mess up. But during the second assembly, it felt easier. I thought our performance was pretty good.”

Anime Club featured a traditional Japanese umbrella performance, and Korean Club danced to “Regular” by NCT-127 and “Shine” by Pentagon. Halo-Halo member junior Matthew Barsegian choreographed the club’s tinikling dance, a popular bamboo stick dance native to the Philippines. Junior Christi Pagente choreographed Halo-Halo’s hip-hop dance to “Big Bank” by YG featuring 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Nicki Manaj for the second portion of their show.

“When I saw the people coming into [the gym], I immediately felt really nervous,” Halo-Halo  member sophomore Le-An Vinculado said. “I wasn’t thinking so much about my routine because I know that I would overthink it and mess it up. I was able to pull off my performance because I did that, and I felt so relieved afterwards.”

By Justine Constantino, Staff writer
Photo by Angela Naseri