Coffee Break is the perfect community and family restaurant

After school snacks, pretty drinks and modest prices. Coffee Break, an authentic Southeastern Asian restaurant, is a hangout that opened in the early 1980s. The restaurant, conveniently located across the street from Mt. Sac College, is close enough that students can visit and relax with a coffee break.

Overhead rafters create a welcoming ambiance so that customers can enjoy the warm, homey air of Coffee Break. Multiple lights and colorful wall decorations that hang over every two feet of the restaurant are aesthetically appealing and create a traditional look. The cordial waiters and waitresses make you feel comfortable.

The restaurant offers a variety of sizzling platters, hot pots and rice dishes. The sizzling platters come out smoking hot, so much that steam rises from the plate. You can choose between spicy, black pepper or mild mushroom sauce. The hot pot is served with a variety of items: noodles, a platter of vegetables and rice and your own choice of meat inside the soup. I ordered the smoked eel fried rice which includes authentic fried rice with an abundance of sliced pieces of eel topped with some seaweed seasoning. The smoked eel was a flavorful complement addition to the already sweet, savory fried rice, which was like a delicious surprise gift every few bites. The daily special, a bento box, soup and a black tea, is served Monday through Friday. From my experience, ordering the daily special before or during lunch is most convenient to avoid the daily special selling out during rush hour.

The restaurant also have an immense variety of drinks, among of which are their specialty teas. One of the most popular is the Princess Royale, a tea that is as sweet and pink as its name suggests. The basic boba milk tea, shakes and all sorts of other drinks are also available.

Almost every drink on the menu is special and unique to Coffee Break, and the food was very appetizing and quite enjoyable. Coffee Break’s affordable prices attract many customers, and its welcoming environment keeps both students and families coming back.

Written by Julianna Chang
Photo by Julianna Chang