Collaboration offers teachers a way to work together

Collaboration, which was previously on Wednesdays, has been moved to Fridays from 1:10 p.m.-2:30 p.m for the 2020-2021 school year. Collaboration is when teachers hold department meetings in which they communicate with each other and solve problems they face with distance learning.

During collaboration, teachers can get any help that they need, and work together within their departments to find solutions to any issues that they have with virtual teaching, such as working to reduce the amount of screen time that students have. Deans also train teachers during collaboration on how to use different platforms such as Google Classroom, Peardeck and Kahoot.

“We think [collaboration] is extremely important because we are moving teachers from what they know as the norm,” Instructional Dean Nelson Chen said. “Everyone is now working together to exchange ideas and to learn from each other. We want to decrease levels of stress.”

Chen helps run the meetings held during collaboration, asks teachers questions and gathers any concerns that departments have to inform the principal and assistant principal with.

“I love the opportunity to listen to the teachers and make them feel valued,” Chen said. “We are all experiencing this together, students and staff members. I feel that it is really important that we are all on the same page so we overcome COVID together and that everyone understands what our vision is. We want to do what we can to support all of our students.”

By Sajjan Sandhu, News editor
Photo by Elise Pabon