Cross country competes in first Hacienda league meet

Cross country competed in the first Hacienda league meet at Bonelli Park Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Junior varsity boys ran in the first race, winning first place overall against five other schools. Junior varsity senior Daniel Banuelos placed first in the race, with seniors Daniel Gonzalez and Diego Serrano following in third and fifth place, respectively. Junior varsity girls also won first place, with freshman Abbie Laurel coming in first with a time of 22:47.

“In the beginning, it hurt because you have to push yourself, but then afterwards, you feel fine. The ending was easier because we ran over hills [in the beginning], [which] was the hardest part,” freshman Selena Chik said. “I felt good [at the end] because I’m happy with the place I got and the time that I got.”

Following the junior varsity races, frosh/soph boys placed third, and both varsity boys and girls placed first. In the varsity girls race, the top four runners were from Walnut, with senior Chloe Arriaga as first, junior Amanda Ghibaudo as second, sophomore Anastasia Sloan as third and senior Emma Arriaga as fourth.

“That felt like a pretty good race. I felt really tired on the second lap. [I] tried to just push through it [and] do my best. I didn’t have anything left for the end, [and] I just carried it all the way from the downhill. I’m happy with my results though. I did not think I was going to finish in the place that I did,” varsity sophomore Robert Arriaga said.

The course looped twice around Bonelli park for a total of three miles, consisting of hills and grass trails.

“It was a good, hard and long race. This course is always slower for me because it’s a lot of uphill and grass. [Running uphill] sucked and hurt a lot, [and] you feel like quitting,” junior varsity senior Nikhil Bhakta said. “It was a fast race uphill, and it burned a lot, but through motivation and dedication, I made it.”

The cross country team is now preparing for the Woodbridge Invitational Saturday, Sept. 15.

By Raymond Dunn, Arts editor
Photo by Ian Lee