CTE Pathways announces new nursing simulation lab

The athletic training clinic is currently being transformed into a nursing simulation lab for the Sports Medicine and Nursing Pathway students.

The goal of the nursing lab is to mimic a hospital environment, complete with an evaluation table, curtains and a realistic mannequin on which the students will be able to perform procedures, such as IV insertion and blood pressure measurement. This lab will be used to evaluate the students’ skill levels based on a clinical competency checklist. There will also be stadium seating, so students can observe and offer constructive criticism.

“I think it’s going to be great. [The students] may be a little bit shy at first because they’re not used to the hands-on skills, and it maybe a little foreign to them, but because they haven’t had the opportunity before, they’re going to be really excited to try it out,” Sports Medicine teacher Faith Villanueva said.

By Nicole Chiang, News editor
Photo by Nicole Chiang

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