Dancing on my own

Associated Student Body (ASB) created a virtual challenge which encouraged students to dress in their prom attires and participate in an Instagram livestream Saturday, April 25 from 7-8 p.m.

The live was hosted by Speaker of the House senior Matthew Barsegian, who was the DJ for the occasion, and featured him playing songs initially planned for the event while responding to students’ comments. Around 50-70 students attended the livestream.

“I loved everything about it. Being able to be myself while playing music [for] the student body was just an invigorating feeling,” Barsegian said. “I hope that it provided a little distraction from what’s going on around the world. I also wanted them to [feel] that ASB loves the student body and is working hard to do whatever they can to make sure that people are still happy.”

As the regularly planned prom was canceled because of the coronavirus, ASB made arrangements to make up for the missed experience. In addition to joining the livestream, some students posted photos of themselves in the attire they would have worn at prom and were featured on ASB’s Instagram page. 

“A lot of people are probably going through some tough stuff right now, and the fact that our school student body is trying so hard to and make us feel connected is so powerful and important. A lot of people probably miss their friends and feel alone, but by doing these little acts, our school is reaching out to us students and trying to make it better.” sophomore Rachel Lee said.

“[Seeing] all the hard work the Class of 2021 put in to make prom this year, it was heartbreaking not to have it,” ASB Secretary and commissioner of dances and rallies junior Samantha Kozlo said. “Even through these circumstances, they at least had one last night to dress up for prom. I know it wasn’t what they planned, but hopefully, it meant something to someone.”

By Natalie Cheng, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of  Christi Pagente