ECGA participates in beach cleanup

Environmental Care and Global Awareness Club (ECGA) hosted its annual beach cleanup Sunday, Nov. 22 at Huntington Beach.

This year, 113 members picked up litter on the beachfront to preserve oceanic wildlife.  The students also had the chance to bond with other members and friends throughout the day.  

“I really look forward to cleaning up the beach, but I think being able to hang out with friends makes the whole event even better,” sophomore Lynn Yan said. “We do it to make our environment better and cause less harm to the animals, but at the same time we’re enjoying ourselves while helping a good cause.”

Through this event, ECGA hopes to promote environmental awareness among students.

“I noticed that people who go to beach cleanups tend to like ECGA in general afterwards. This is because they know that we are actually making a change, no matter how big that change may be,” vice senior Dexter Lin said. “Many times, people and surfers come up to our members during beach cleanups and thank us for cleaning up the beach. I think it’s really good for members to hear [their comments] because then they know that they’re appreciated and it’s a genuine effort.”

By Jessica Huang, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Cara Chang