ECGA promotes school-wide recycling

Environmental Care and Global Awareness (ECGA) is implementing a new school-wide paper recycling program to create an environmentally friendly community.
Members will pick up recycling bins during tutorial every two weeks in contrast to the previous system, where custodians decided whether or not to recycle the resources.

“ECGA wants to start a paper recycling system in order to encourage the student body to contribute to the environment because even small efforts can make a difference,” co-president Audrey Lau said.

The program strives to limit littering and improve the environment. By recycling paper at Kay-met, a recycling center in Rowland Heights, ECGA is also looking to raise money for the school.

“We really want to stress how important the environment is and how to treat it,” co-president senior Sharon Kim said. “‪‪‪People are littering a lot and not recycling, and we really want to focus on recycling this year.”

Along with the paper recycling program, the club plans to initiate other activities this year such as growing drought-resistant plants, a bottle recycling system and paper donations.

“The biggest thing is to be aware of how much you’re using and how you can stop using so much,” public relations officer senior Samantha Vo said. “We plan on making people on campus more [aware of environmental problems], whether they are in our club or not. We want to make this school a more environmentally friendly place.”

By Jeremy Hsiao, Staff writer
Photo by Jamie Chen

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