Esports players take on Super Smash Bros. tournament

WHS Esports competed in a Super Smash Bros. tournament Friday, March 24 at the Teen Center.

This is the second major Esport competition of the school year, following Walnut’s first place win at the 2016 Tempest Tournament. Six other high schools, including Glen. A Wilson, Rowland, Covina and South Pasadena will also be competing for a $50 grand prize. Though players did not have to compete in a qualifying round to attend the tournament, players will have to qualify for the upcoming 2017 Tempest Tournament.

“Everyone works hard and it brings people together; it’s a new social forum. The energy in the crowd is really high during these competitions,” game director junior Eric Zou said. “Anytime I get very nervous or maybe upset, I just have to snap and get into focus because Smash is a very mentally intensive game. I try to put myself in the mentality of learning over results. Whenever I lose, I think of it as getting closer to winning the next time.”

By Lisa Shen, Staff writer

Photo by Lisa Shen