22nd Annual Teacher of the Year

Faculty awarded at district “Salute to Teachers”

Chemistry teacher Garrett Lim was recognized as the Walnut High School Teacher of the Year at the Walnut Valley Unified School District (WVUSD) “Salute to Teachers” Wednesday, Oct. 16 at the Diamond Bar High School (DBHS) Theater.

14 other teachers in the school district were honored for the 2018-2019 school year. Each of them were nominated by another staff member, and the WVUSD administration deliberated over the final candidates. DBHS Choir started off the celebration by singing “True Colors.”

“Every time you’re with people who are good at what they do, it’s inspiring to see what it is that makes them who they are and try to incorporate those aspects into how you teach as well,” Lim said. “In any profession, you get together with different people that do the same thing, [and] you get to learn a lot of different ways of approaching things. You get to also share your techniques or strategies with others.

Teachers were called up for a brief quote of note, which was a statement compiled by a questionnaire they filled out in advance. Statements comprised of anecdotes, activities they enjoy and teaching philosophies. In his quote of note statement, Lim mentioned using music to connect to his students and to relate to the study material. He also stresses the importance of his students’ mental health and ability to maintain a balance in life.

“In the Walnut District, you’re blessed to have so many amazing teachers that care about not just education but [also] how the students are growing,” Lim said. “It’s great to be part of a district full of amazing educators.”

By Emily Cao, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Garrett Lim