Faculty introduces Mustang Round Up

The Mustang Round Up took effect during tutorial Tuesday, Nov. 5. 

During tutorial, Principal Ryan Maine and Grade Level Coordinator Nathan Newman will patrol campus in search of students out of class, who will be sent to the Multi-Purpose Room. The Round Up is intended to encourage students to use their tutorial period more productively by doing homework, making up tests or receiving extra help from teachers. Prior to the Round Up, an estimated 250 students would walk around campus during tutorial or remain in the restroom instead of being in a class. During Tuesday’s tutorial, 26 students were rounded up.

“In a dream world, every student is in class during tutorial and we don’t have to round them up,” Maine said. “A lot of students are stressed about homework because of their extracurricular activities, so we really want our students to take advantage of the tutorial time. If all students work on homework and get extra tutoring in tutorial, they will have less stress at home.”

In addition, all restrooms will be locked during tutorial as part of the Round Up. A sign-in system in which students scan into class during tutorial using their student ID cards will be implemented soon.

“The Round Up is a fun way of saying, ‘get into class and take advantage of this [time],’” Maine said. “If tutorial is not taken advantage of, then we would go back to a regular schedule with more class time.”

By Sajjan Sandhu, Staff writer
Photo by Sajjan Sandhu